Wendy Baker — Indie Game Developer based in Seattle, WA

Fish Frenzy is a casual game based on the arcade classic Frogger. It was designed for the custom arcade machines at the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design.

A team made up of myself and two artists completed this game in 16 weeks. On this project, I experimented with procedural level generation. My goal was to make an endless arcade game that is a different experience for the player every time.

Everything in this game, aside from the character and environmental art and the main menu logo, was done by myself. The game was developed in Unity and all scripts were written in C#.

My tasks included:

  • Designing and scripting a procedural level generator that creates new levels with progressive difficulty in real time
  • Creating a grid-like system for player movement to give the game a Frogger feel
  • Scripting enemy behaviors and subsequently balancing the enemies
  • Designing and implementing the GUI
  • Designing and implementing two player mode
  • Implementing sprites and animations
  • Implementing sound effects
  • Adding Xbox controller support
  • Creating a version of the game with the input mapping adjusted to support the arcade machines at UCF
  • Writing and updating design documentation
  • Maintaining the project schedule

I enjoyed being the solo programmer on this project because it gave me a lot of freedom with scripting, but if I were to go back and do it again I’d choose to do it with at least one other programmer. As the only one, I ended up carrying a lot of weight on this project, so I wasn’t able to focus on the procedural generation as much as I wanted to.

RoleLead Designer, Programmer ForCasual Game Design, Fall 2017
Players1-2 (Local Only) EngineUnity