Wendy Baker — Indie Game Developer based in Seattle, WA

Verapy Therapy

Unity, Pico Neo


Our studio was asked to create a few demo minigames for our friends over at Verapy Therapy. We created three physical therapy minigames (for arm/wrist/shoulder injuries) for the Pico Neo VR headset.

I spearheaded the overall gameplay technical design for the minigames, and also did the majority of gameplay programming for 2 of the 3 minigames. I set up the in-game UI as well (pause menu/score screen).

This project was built in Unity 2018, using the Pico SDK. The game was built as an Android APK and copied to the Pico Neo, which is 6-DoF standalone VR headset with two 3-DoF controllers. Much of the QA for the two minigames I worked on was also done by me.

For302 Interactive, Oct 2018 – May 2019 RoleGameplay Programmer