Wendy Baker — Indie Game Developer based in Seattle, WA

HollowZone: Wax House

Unity, 13x13 Room-Scale VR

During my time at 302 Interactive, we were contracted by HollowZone, a company that makes immersive, large room-scale VR experiences, to make improvements to a prototype experience they had already made.

This project was a 13ft by 13ft room-scale VR experience for 1 to 4 players. I worked with a pre-existing codebase to fix bugs, add new features, and make performance improvements. This included working with Unity’s built-in networking features.

We built an application for the experience operator, who gets to see a bird’s eye view of the entire map and where each player is in real-time, as well as the application that the players themselves use.

For302 Interactive, Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 RoleGameplay Programmer